Privacy Policy:

As part of using Eleven, the data we collect involve:

1. your public and local IP address (and ports)
2. your multiplayer activity (who you play, scores, etc)
3. any logs you choose to send
4. your platform unique identifier. (steam/oculus/etc)
5. the account name for your platform account (Which you can change in game)
6. your deviceId/mac address.
7. your device type (quest/vive/rift...)

The data we share with other users as part of easily visible information:
1. your account name, unless you have changed it (then it'd be whatever you changed it to)
2. your device type - as per the controller models rendered during multiplayer activity.

The data we share programmatically with others that could be pulled from logs:
1. your IP address; the only way to hide this completely from the other user would be to force relay functionality...which is detrimental to the experience compared to p2p.

If at any time you would like to remove any stored data we may have regarding your activity, please send us a request at [email protected]
We will work with you to remove whatever you'd like, that has to do with personal identification (but may choose not to remove your only skill rating score, as that is a detriment to others for ranked play)